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WAN Connectivity

Wide Area Networking is the key to voice and data convergence. For companies with multiple sites, remote offices or remote workers, a WAN is implemented to link the systems together and allow all users to work seamlessly together, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We can provide a networking solution from initial planning, through cabling and implementation, to on-going support. From organizing communication lines (such as leased lines, ISDN and ADSL broadband), to installing routers and firewalls, we provide a complete WAN service. We can set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) links into your systems and we can help you save money by utilizing Voice over IP (VoIP) which lets you make inter-site phone calls over the existing network, with no call charges. Some of the features/ benefits of WAN we can deliver:
Integrated Office Management Environment
Mail Systems and Collaborative Solutions
Disaster Recovery Management
Firewall / Proxy Solutions
Setting up MPLS Network
Frame relay
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