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IP/Telephhony VoIP

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IP/Telephhony VoIP

By bringing together a wide range of products under a single point of contact Blitz Technologies can provide entire connectivity solutions and maintain the highest quality of service the industry has to offer. Our areas of expertise also include security based solutions, hosting and VoIP. With a unique position in the market we can provide for all business demands from high capacity dedicated links for multinationals to remote mission-critical connections.

The Internet and IP-based networks are increasingly being used as alternatives to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) can provide voice and fax services, which are close to becoming functionally equivalent to those provided by public telecommunication operators (PTO).

A good IP telephony solution increases productivity and enables business process improvement by simplifying and streamlining communications. At Blitz Technologies, our converged communications solutions act as both pure IP-based telephone systems and as gateways that inter-operate with a company’s existing voice infrastructure and legacy devices regardless of manufacturer. Blitz Technologies utilizes IP telephony to deliver powerful capabilities and applications that enable our customers to realize significant cost benefits and to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively by enabling enhanced communications, information sharing and collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers for companies of all sizes.

In addition, the company also offers VoIP solutions converging conventional voice traffic onto existing packet-based networks reducing the costs of maintaining two separate networks. Data networks are far more efficient in bandwidth utilization than traditiona voice networks.

By continually checking market trends and technologies, and working with a strong network of partners, Blitz Technologies is in a strong position to continue bringing its clients a wide range of solutions including the many services which are then wrapped around it.

Our network services include:
  • Can IP Telephony make money?

    Yes. IP Telephony isn't just about marginal cost savings; it's about delivering real productivity gains by improving the way your employees communicate with each other, and with your customers. That feeds straight into your bottom line.

  • Flexible working

    IPT supports flexible working strategies, such as hot-desking and tele-working. You can seamlessly extend phone services to homeworkers with broadband, so your customers are dealt with efficiently every time.

  • IPT for the small business

    The entry-level Cisco IPT offering, CallManager Express, starts at around 10 handsets, so even small businesses can enjoy the advantages and benefits of converged voice and data networks.

  • Can I run IPT over a WAN?

    Of course, that's the whole idea! You can go for a centralised or decentralised model. Either way, you can have seamless communication between your branch offices, which makes it easier for your customers to do business with you.

  • 0% finance available

    Did you know that you can spread the cost of your new phone system or security solution over three years? Through Cisco Systems Capital we can offer 0% finance on all orders placed before 31st July 2008, so you can get the benefit of new technology now.

  • It's even smarter than it looks

    You're looking at the top-of-therange Cisco 7970G IP Phone, part of the Cisco IP Telephony portfolio. This phone is packed with features to make you more productive.

  • What else can IPT do?

    Unified messaging allows you to access your voicemail messages wherever you are via e-mail, Internet or regular phone. Other applications such as interactive voice response, fax from desktop, music on hold and call billing mean you can do much more than just make calls with your IP phone system.

  • Setting up a new office?

    A converged voice and data network could save you money by reducing set-up and maintenance costs. Our Cisco sales experts will design a converged solution, entirely without further obligation.

  • Do you do Call Centres?

    Yes we do. Even the entry-level IP Telephony products have some basic call centre features, but if you're looking for something more sophisticated there is a whole range of call centre applications built around Cisco's world-class Call Manager product range.

  • Cistera Call Recording

    How many times have you said "I wish I was recording this call"? With Cistera, you can!